Giving For Joy: True Tales of Festivals

In the midst of vibrant celebrations and joyous gatherings that mark festivals and social occasions, there exists a group of unsung heroes who labour tirelessly behind the scenes, often sacrificing their own happiness and precious moments with their families. This report sheds light on the profound sacrifices made by these diligent workers, exploring the challenges they face, the impact on their personal lives, and the deep-rooted passion that fuels their commitment to the cultural fabric of our society. As we search into the lives of these remarkable individuals, we gain a deeper appreciation for their invaluable contributions, reminding us that the true spirit of these occasions lies not only in celebration but also in the selfless dedication of those who make them possible.

Dr. Jayanta Pal

Dr. Jayanta Pal [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost/ Mousumi Pal]

Medical  profession is all about helping patients regain their health, improve their quality of life, and even save lives. The satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s well-being is a significant and fulfilling aspect of being a healthcare professional and the joy of this feeling is no less than a festival.

Utpal Kundu

Inspector Utpal Kundu [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost/ Mousumi Pal]

Serving the country and nation as a police should be considered as Pride. Police officers play a crucial role in maintaining law and order, ensuring the safety of communities, and often risking their own well-being to protect and serve the public. During Durga Puja any other festivals we have to be more conscious and responsible.

Manoj Sharma

Train Master [Photo Courtesy: google]

Family is important and the festival with family is something everyone wants. But I love my duty as well. I’m happy to continue my duty on every possible situation. I am, actually not only me, but my dear friends and colleagues we all are happy to help everyone to reach their destination and seeing the happiness of others makes us smile. ”

Subhas Das and Sukhen Das

Subhas Das and Sukhen Das [Photo Courtesy: google]

“All our festivals are with this bus. We have to go out with this bus, both on normal days as well as on festival days. If I sit at home on Durga Puja, my children will not get good clothes on during Puja. You can say that we have to work for their happiness, and after work we have to manage time for themselves.

By celebrating these unsung heroes, we inspire a continued spirit of excellence, contribute to the emotional well-being of these individuals, and create a tradition that values their invaluable contribution. It’s not only recognizes their hard work and commitment but also nurtures a culture of gratitude, motivation, and unity within communities. In essence, shining a spotlight on those who work tirelessly behind the scenes enriches our lives, enhances the quality of our celebrations, and reinforces the belief that acknowledging and valuing the efforts of these individuals is a cornerstone of building vibrant and harmonious communities.


Mousumi Pal


Garima Dhanania

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