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BRICS Summit: Prime Minister Modi communicates with prominent scientists during his tour to South Africa

[Picture Credit: google/The Economic Times]

 At the 15th BRICS Summit in South Africa, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with different individuals: Dr Himla Soodyall, an outstanding geneticist, and Siyabulela Xuza, a rocket scientist. The conference centred on disease screening and the future of energy. Dr Soodyall delivered her honour at a meeting with the Prime Minister, displaying their conversation about her research on genetics and its connections to India. She also discussed their deal on global problems and regional action, increasing his strong leadership in a culturally active pact between the two nations. As a young South African inventor, Xuza admired Modi's genuine concern for shared difficulties, such as economic growth impacting India and Africa and the changing climates. He appreciated Modi's loyalty to the continent and his promise to address these critical issues.  

Russia’s first Moon mission ends in a crash in 47 years

Russia’s first moon mission, the Luna-25 probe, in almost 50 years, has crashed on the Moon after an incident during the pre-landing manoeuvre, Russian space agency Roscosmos said. Luna was supposed to land a few days ahead of India’s Chandrayaan 3 Moon mission. It lost connection with the aircraft as it halted into pre-landing orbit, as stated by the Space Agency. On 19th August, the contact interruption of Luna25 started losing from 14:57 MST. The precautions were taken on 19th and 20th August in search of the device, but no results were found. Later, on the 20th, Luna-25 was found to be crashed. Roscosmos stated that a special commission would investigate why it failed as a mission. The loss of Luna-25 is a big blow to Roscosmos. 

Trash fire 'emergency' chokes citizens on Indonesia's Java

[Picture Credit: google/CNA]

The local council announced a days-long fire at a landfill in Indonesia's most crowded province as an emergency as thick smoke from the blaze choked nearby residents, officials said on Friday, 25th August. The fire at the Sarimukti landfill in Indonesia's West Java Colony - which serves the city of Bandung, where 2.5 million people live- has been burning since Tuesday. At least 65 people who live near the landfill have been suffering from mild respiratory infections, and a few were hospitalized due to the effects of the toxic fire, as per a local health clinic. The head of an Islamic middle school 6km from the fire said students were advised to stay home because of the harmful gas in the air.

Spain's Goal-Scorer was informed about her father's death Just after the women's World Cup Final

[Picture Credit: google/ESPN]

Spain Soccer Skipper Olga Carmona scored the winning goal in the FIFA Women's World Cup Final against England. She was informed about her Father's death news right after the game ended. According to the Media release by the Spanish FA, Carmona's Father was ill for many days and died two days before the Final match. Her family decided not to inform her about the incident before their daughter's World Cup Final game. The Spanish football federation also paid their condolences in a statement announcing the news: "The @RFEF profoundly regrets to report the death of Olga Carmona's Father. The soccer player heard the sad news after the World Cup final.

Denmark plans jail for burning Quran in public

[Picture Credit: google/BBC]

The Danish government has banned setting the Quran get-off in public after a series of burnings led to chaos in Muslim countries.

Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard stated such burning hurt Denmark and risked the safety of Danes.

The planned law will make wrong treatment of the Quran or Bible criminal violence punishable by a fine and jail sentence of two years.

Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said Denmark had observed 170 demonstrations in the last few weeks, including burning the Quran in front of foreign embassies.

Denmark's PET intelligence service has been aware that the latest incidents have expanded the terrorist threat.

Neighbouring Country Sweden has also seen a series of Quran burning, and its security service has been made aware of a hopeless security situation. In July, the protesters appointed the Swedish embassy in Iraq an alight.

But Denmark and Sweden hesitated to respond to the burning because of their humanistic laws on freedom of expression. 


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