Maas confirms new instalment of the next ‘A Court Of Thorn And Roses’ book


Sarah J. Maas with a copy of her book 'House of Flame And Shadow'
(Photo Courtesy: Sarah J. Maas/Instagram)

In one of her recent interviews with “Live Talk Los Angeles”, Sarah J. Maas has confirmed that she has started working on her next literary darling, i.e., the sixth installment of the ACOTAR series.

The IT writer of romantasy novels recently appeared on a talk show to discuss about her new book House of Flame and Shadow (famously known as, CC3 or Crescent City 3), which was released on 30th January, 2024. She has confirmed working on the next book in the 7- book ACOTAR series. However, she refrained from divulging any further updates.

The sixth book is said to follow the story of Elain Archeron, older sister of Feyre Archeron the main protagonist of the series. As her new book recently came out, readers can expect a waiting time of atleast a year or two for the new book.

In the interview, Maas also confirmed that the Crescent City trilogy will be further made into a four-book series, as she has interconnected the ACOTAR and Crescent City universes in House of Sky And Breath.  

However, it is still unclear how this new book is going to pan out due to the merger of the two series. But she did mention that she is really excited about writing the new book and her readers are just as excited.

“It’s like that feeling of having a crush or when you are first like, obsessed with someone and thinking about it non-stop.” She told about her feelings on the project, “I love this feeling.”

With CC3 in hand and the next ACOTAR under writing, readers are in for one hell of a ride as Maas will finally answer the highly debated topic: Who is Azriel’s mate?


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