Media Saksharta Abhiyan: Media Literacy Campaign

The School of Media and Communication, Adamas University, officially launched its Media Literacy campaign on September 18, 2023, under the name "Media Saksharta Abhiyan." This campaign marks a significant step towards educating the general public about the complexities of the media landscape.

Media Saksharta Abhiyan [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost]

The launch event featured a captivating Nukkad performance presented by Team Voices, which effectively conveyed the campaign's message. The School of Media and Communication's Associate Dean, Dr. Akash Deep Muni, was a strong pillar of support and congratulated the team for this initiative.

Associate Dean, Akash Deep Muni [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost]

Ms. Moumita De Das addressing the crowd [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost]

Moumita De Das, Assistant Professor, was the captain of this creative ship. Ms. De Das directed the drama and was in charge of this artistic venture. The involvement of the School of Media and Communication students was what made this campaign genuinely special. Together, they collaborated to craft the script and brought the drama to life through their acting prowess.

Team VOICES mid-performance [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost]

The 30-minute drama served as a mirror to a number of situations that could arise from people's lack of media literacy. It highlighted the negative effects of widespread fake message forwarding, mob lynchings inspired by false information, and the dangers of sexual assault associated with relationships made on social media with people who have questionable motives. The dedication and hard work of everyone involved in bringing this play to life were evident to all attendees. The audience, comprised of students, faculty, and guests, responded with heartfelt appreciation for the impactful performance.

Team VOICES mid-perform [Photo Courtesy: Team Journapost]

However, this launch is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for the Media Saksharta Abhiyan. The campaign has a host of engaging activities and initiatives in the pipeline, all aimed a raising public media literacy. As it continues to unfold, it aims to empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complex world of media and communication effectively.


Priyanka Ghosh

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