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Canada shared 'credible accusations' about Nijjar's murder with India' many weeks ago': Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons in Ottawa,[Photo Credit: Google/Hindustan Times]

Justin Trudeau claimed that Canada has shared "credible accusations" regarding the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar with India "many weeks back". However, the MEA had on Thursday cleared that Canada has shared no information regarding the murder of Nijjar. On September 18, Trudeau asserted India's role behind the murder of Khalistani terrorist Nijjar, which has given rise to tensions between the two countries. India rejected the accusations, stating them as "absurd" and "motivated".

In a press release, the Ministry of External Affairs stated that Trudeau made the same kind of accusations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and they were "totally rejected". Earlier on Thursday, Trudeau called the Indian Government to "take the matter seriously" and work with Canada to ensure accountability. He said that he had a "frank conversation" with Prime Minister Modi on the matter.

Education Reform Sparks Nepal Teachers' Strike, Shuts Down Schools

Nepal teachers protest, [Picture Credit: Google/BBC]

In Nepal, 1,10,000 teachers have staged a three-day strike in opposition to a parliamentary education reform bill, causing significant disruptions in public schools. The bill, which grants local governments control over schools and prohibits teachers from joining politically affiliated groups, prompted thousands of demonstrators to march toward the Kathmandu parliament. In response, anti-riot police employed force. This ban on political affiliations is particularly noteworthy due to Nepali teachers' historical involvement in the country's democracy movement. Political parties have sought to enlist teachers as activists since Nepal's inaugural parliamentary elections in 1959. However, concerns persist that teachers' political engagement may compromise education quality.

India Takes Strong Stand Against Pakistan's UNGA Kashmir Debate

At the UN General Assembly, India's representative, Petal Gahlot, criticized Pakistan's interim PM, Anwaarul Haq Kakar, for raising the Kashmir issue. Gahlot urged Pakistan to halt cross-border terrorism, vacate Indian territories, and cease minority rights violations for South Asian peace. She reaffirmed Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh as integral parts of India and denounced Pakistan's interference in India's affairs. Gahlot accused Pakistan of spreading "baseless and malicious propaganda." She highlighted Pakistan as a haven for proscribed terrorist entities and called for action against 2011 Mumbai attack perpetrators. India also spotlighted minority violence, making a reference to the Jaranwala incident and Pakistan's Human Rights Commission report revealing 1,000 minority women facing abduction, forced conversion, and marriage.

First-ever Miss Universe Pakistan faces rage of Anwaar-UL- Haq Kakar Government

Pakistan's Minister Anwaar-Ul-Haq Kakar demands an investigation of their intelligence bearu against Erica Robin [Picture Credit: Google/India Posts]

Erica Robin, who is a 24-year-old girl, won the inauguration Miss Universe Pakistan pageant, which is held in Maldives. Her own Country is criticizing her. From Religious leaders to the caretaker Prime minister, everyone has criticized the competition and Ms Robin’s participation, putting a question mark on her cooperation in the Global Miss Universe Pageant in EL Salvador in November.

Devastating Deluge: Over 43,000 Displaced in Libya's Flood Catastrophe, Reveals IOM

Horrific scene of the flood of Libya [Photo Credit: Google/East Coast Radio]

In a devastating turn of events, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported that over 43,000 individuals have been forced to flee their homes due to catastrophic flooding in Libya. The city of Derna, which bore the brunt of this natural disaster, witnessed thousands of casualties. The IOM disclosed this grim statistic on Thursday, shedding light on the severity of the crisis. Additionally, the organization noted that a critical shortage of water supply is compelling many of the displaced residents to seek refuge in other regions. Libya's flood-induced humanitarian crisis continues to worsen, demanding immediate attention and aid.


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