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Top International News this week

Donald Trump pleads not guilty to charges made against him.
Trump pleads not guilty[Pic Credit: google/NDTV]

Donald Trump, the former US President Trump pleads not guilty to four charges related to his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. He appeared in court on Wednesday, August 3, 2023, and entered a plea of not guilty to all charges. Trump entered the white house and pleaded before Indian-American judge Magistrate Moxila Upadhyaya. The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States, obstruction of an official proceeding, and two counts of making false statements.

Trump's legal team is characterizing his charges as an attack on his right to freedom of speech. They argue that the charges are politically influenced and were done just to defame his image. His legal team further
stated that Trump was simply exercising his First Amendment rights when he made statements about the 2020 election.

Euphoria actor Fez aka Angus Cloud dies at just 25

Fez dies at the age of 25, [Pic Credit: google/NBC News]

Cloud, who played a drug dealer "Fez" O'Neill in the teenage series, died in Oakland, California, a publicist stated. Cloud’s family said, "With a heavy and sad heart, his family is saying goodbye to the pretty soul”. Last week in Ireland, Cloud joined his father's funeral. And according to his family, he had "immensely struggled with his father’s loss".

His family also said that ‘there is a relief that he had met with his dad, as they both were best of friends since childhood’. "Cloud was fighting with his mental health, also he was open about it. His death tells people that if anyone is going through mental health difficulties feel free to share and open up," they said.

"His family hopes the fans around the globe remember Cloud for his love and laughter everyone.".

Denmark to tighten border security after Qur'an burning

Protest rallies in Denmark,[Pic Credit:google/reuters]

In Denmark and Sweden, Anti-Islam activists have damaged and burned certain copies of the Muslim holy book. there is an offensive shock in the Muslim countries and appeal to the governments to ban such shameful actions. Danish police are contracting border controls because of the recent burning of the Holy Book Qur'an which has caused distress to the security. On Thursday, the justice ministry said following the same decision by Sweden previously in the week.

 Stuart Broad retires after the Ashes series with a draw

[Pic Credit: google/]

The Retirement of this England cricketer is the top news of this week. Broad ended his career as a 600 wicket-taker in Test cricket. Broad was a core member of England cricket. 

His debut was in the year 2007 against Sri Lanka. He has 167 caps and is the leading wicket-taker in the Ashes series. 

Broad stated, “ It was an amazing ride for him, he feels privileged to represent England the Nottingham-shire. He feels great to be a part of this Ashes series. He always wanted to end his career at the top:”. His retirement was shocking to the fans. The world will see him on the other side of the field.'

Famous YouTube and Twitch live streamer Kai Cenat announces PS5 giveaway at New York City's Union Square gets him unlawful charges.

On 4th August 2023, Friday, the street at New York City's Union Square gets filled with people as Kai Cenat the famous YouTube and Twitch live-streamer takes his Instagram handle to announce a giveaway of PS5 at the Manhattan Park.

The situation become hard to control after several thousand young people gathered and started making chaos. The police arrested 65 people mostly all of them are juveniles in the charge of riots.

Kai Cenat has been arrested and charged with inciting a riot and unlawful assembly after the situation gets uncontrollable and many people get injured.


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