Eat That Frog!: Get more done in Less Time

We have a habit of assuming that successful individuals only experience good fortune, which leads to the belief that they are able to accomplish more things than us. However Brian Tracy, the author, demonstrates in his book Non – Fiction book “Eat that Frog!” that successful individuals only know one simple truth: “how to manage their time effectively”.

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They are not born with particular knowledge, skills, or powers. Therefore, the fact that everyone can apply the information offered in this book is one of the key reasons you should read it. Another crucial lesson you’ll take away from the book is that procrastination and work avoidance are the outcomes of failure and the belief that you’re not up to the task. Therefore, it is extremely important to improve your professional skills .

The frog here refers to the process of identifying your most difficult task of the day and completing it before doing any other work. Everyone has a frog, and eating that frog is the best way to stop procrastinating. Procrastination is undoubtedly a time waster, and this book has a way of helping you get over the frog. Every chapter in this book introduces a new concept, advice, or strategy to help you fight your inner tiredness.

This book offers general suggestions for making good use of our time. It has absolutely motivated me and helped me to plan things and do them, instead of putting them off. The book emphasizes on putting yourself and your career first, and that, if you value time, time will value you. Setting goals is essential because without them, you cannot succeed and will never be able to go where you want to.

This book changed me as a person, my opinions, my thought process, and my behaviours.

The book is for everyone, since it not only teaches you how to organise your time properly, but it also teaches you how to gradually improve your self-esteem and respect for yourself. The author highlights how self-confidence and time management are connected concepts, and if you can figure out what “kind of frog” you need to eat first, you will undoubtedly feel more competent, strong, and productive. This book is divided into 5 parts, and provides 21 ways to overcome procrastination.


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