Urban climate film festival at Nazrul Tirtha.

The Urban Climate Film Festival (UCFF) was held in Kolkata from June 3-5. The festival featured 16 films from 12 countries, as well as panel discussions on how cinema can help in ecological conservation. The UCFF wrapped up on June 5 with a closing ceremony that doubled as a celebration of World Environment Day.

Nazrul Tirtha, the host of UCFF 

The UCFF was a success, with a large and involved audience. The festival proved that cinema can be a powerful tool for raising awareness about climate change
Third Day was celebrated parallel to World Environment Day
The ending of this event was done with enchanting classical dances 

The UCFF was a fitting event for Kolkata, a city that is known for its culture and its commitment to sustainability. The festival helped to raise awareness about the importance of climate action, and it inspired people to take steps to protect the environment.

Author & Editor:

Ayoshi Mondal

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