The Key To Success Is Know Your “Why”: Bhaskar Ghoshal

Bhaskar Ghoshal, the Senior Vice President of SMC Finance, recently visited Adamas University for the Pre Placement talks and to encourage the BBA and MBA students.

He is a seasoned human resource professional with a successful track record of over two decades. 

Mr. Bhaskar Ghoshal addressing the students of Adamas University [Photo Courtesy: Linkedin/AbhijitGiri]

 In a short interview, he revealed a lot about the industry and what can make you a professional HR.


There are hundreds of fields, so what made you choose Human Resource Management?


Frankly speaking, HR wasn’t my first option. After completing my Post Graduate from the University of Lucknow, my first placement was in the HR field. Since my first job was as an HR trainee, I grew to love it and felt like this was something I see myself doing in the future. Being around people, understanding them, connecting and engaging with them. 


Also, I’ve moved on from the HR part of my life and am a businessman. I might not be an HR manager in name, but the position never left me as a Vice President. I now manage both the company and its people.


Talking about Six Sigma Belts, you have a green belt, so considering it in the present, is it still helpful in one’s career?


If a six sigma belt can help advance your career or not is entirely situational basis. Every tool has some use and different industry prefer different tools. You’ll see some using KAIZEN or others, so the question is not if it’s helpful at present but if you are using the correct tool in the correct industry.


Personally speaking, when working at an operational level I now know, what to do, and how to work around problems and things that can be ignored. Talking about the emerging tools, the OKR system is project-based, and more gig workers are working with it. That is actively replacing the PMS system.


What do you think separates a good HR from an HR?


There is no good or bad HR. I have always believed in the fact that there are only two types of HR: the Band Baja Barati HR and Business HR.


The Band Baja Barati HR is the ones you generally see under the ‘cool’ HR, the ones who share memes and make rangoli and do other similar stuff. A business HR on the other hand is more aligned to his/her business. They know about the products and the pain point of the business. It helps them understand what is missing, so they can hire the right person, at the right place and at the right time.


HR is no more for the business but the very essence of it. 


Taking a line from your LinkedIn “be what you want”, will you help someone with no degree to achieve their dream?

Why not? Absolutely. I know a lot of people who do not have an MBA degree but are doing exceptionally well. A degree means nothing, if you know what you are doing, you are already halfway through. It’s about being innovative and creative. You should have a learning approach. You should know why and how to do something, rather than what to do.


There is an emerging trend of Work From Home, so what is your opinion on the Hybrid Work Model?


It’s again situational basis. It depends on the industry, which wants it and which doesn’t. This model definitely won’t work for NBFC but it would be useful in IPOs and KPOs, where learning and development are happening. 


As you are here for the Pre-Placement Talks, what are you expecting from this batch of students?


I am looking for students who are eager to learn and grow as people and also help my business grow. 


Apart from that, I want them to know their “why” and understand their skills. I don't want them to apply for the sake of having a job and say that this is not their forte afterward. 


Lastly, any message to the young managers and other students in this field?


Do whatever you want and be passionate about your work Aspire to be number 1 always.


Garima Dhanania, Somashree Nandy.

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