The Worthy Nemesis - Written by Abhirup Sengupta

I'm falling into despair. I'm searching in my soul, my core, to find the strength to obliterate my enemy. She has entered my territory, my haven to guard me against her kind. But my tricky foe, she tries to play tricks on my taxed mind. She taunts me with her droning. Not even ye mighty can save me now.

I'm accepting my defeat as exhaustion takes my body in its grasp. My heavy eyelids are clenching for an iota of sleep as my mind slowly drops into a limbo of paranoia.

I'm drowning with defeat as I remember the quote from Sun Tzu's Art of War, 

"Sometimes you gotta live with your enemy...for the enemy is like a fart in a biyebari (wedding ceremony) which you cannot let to escape."

I think I see the light, a glimmering beacon of hope at the end of the tunnel, or is it the lamp accompanying my death knell.?

My paranoia took the best of me. It has rendered me incapable of seeing the truth. I keep reaching for it, but the enemy's swift moves, her blows of psychological warfare, hit in my core, boosting the disbelief of my strength. I might just yield.

Ah, Finally! My patience, my resilience came through! I've bested her in this excruciating psychological warfare that lasted for what seemed like eons. I've slain her treacherous body with my mighty slap. My capable palm crushed the soul out of her frail body, that is, if she had a soul at all. Now, her kind will tremble in my fear as the tales of my departed foe's fate haunts her community. They will fear me. They will now know that entering my territory is the calling for their impending death. 

My win over her was inevitable. My kind's superiority is unmatched. We are the Apex predators of this world, with nothing but our wits and resilience being the key to our dominance. However, I respect my enemy. She was a worthy opponent in this battle. But her pre-celebratory gamble to mock me became the reason for her end. Like Icarus, she flew too close to the Sun. Her credence over her pretentious superiority became the reason for her downfall. It was imprudent and mindless of her to think that a puny mosquito could ever beat a peerless human.


Abhirup Sengupta

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